Employees Share "Tips" for Everyone Else About the Places They Work

If you go to a place often enough, you may THINK you know how things work. But no one knows as well as the people who actually work there.


There's a thread online where employees are sharing "tips" about the places they work, and here are a few highlights . . .


1. "At any concert venue, the best sound will be directly in front of the engineer at the main sound board."


2. "Don't make the bed before you leave a hotel. It has to be taken apart anyway for cleaning. And if it looks un-slept in, it could get overlooked and not get changed."


3. "If you're buying a mattress at an actual mattress store, buy it in the middle of spring time. That's when it gets INCREDIBLY slow, and they have the best sales."


4. "Skip the fruit in drinks / cocktails. No one uses tongs or gloves . . . and fingers are filthy behind the bar moving between soda guns, rags, and money."


5. "Be wary of ketchup bottles on diner tables. We used to top-off our table's containers of ketchup every night with fresh ketchup, but we'd never ever clean out the containers . . . even after months or years. To make matters worse, customers will stick their used knives or forks in them to serve themselves." 




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