Three Ways to Make Your Bags Come Out First After a Flight

We've all had that moment after a long flight where we've stood at baggage claim FOREVER, watching other people's bags come out, until ours finally come out at the very, very end. And it would be great to avoid.


So here are three ways you can get your bags to come out first after a flight. One's risky, one's a little unethical, and one's expensive. But hey . . . no more long waits.


1.  Check in at the last minute. Here's the risky one. Figure out what the cutoff time is for bags for your flight . . . usually it's about 45 minutes before takeoff . . . then check in at the last minute. Then your bags will be last on the plane . . . so they'll be first off.


2. Ask for a fragile sticker. This is a little unethical, but ask for a FRAGILE sticker when you check your bag. Fragile bags are loaded toward the end on most flights . . . assuming the luggage handlers notice the sticker 


3. Fly first class, rise up the ranks of an airline's frequent flier club, or get an airline credit card with priority perks.  These options will all cost you . . . but you'll get a "priority" tag on your bags which means they'll be the very first ones out. 


(Travel + Leisure)

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