3 Things We'll Sacrifice to Save Money on Vacation . . . and 3 We Won't

Remember when the global pandemic was the ONLY thing complicating your travel plans? Now there's also sky-rocketing prices for gas and airfare . . . understaffed businesses . . . and baby formula being harder to get than Super Bowl tickets.


A new survey asked people what they're willing to sacrifice to make a vacation happen this summer . . . and three big ones are: Spending less on attractions . . . fancy lodging . . . and new clothing.


But a few things people are NOT willing to budge on include: Going out to restaurants . . . visiting free attractions . . . and traveling on their own by vehicle.


In other words, people are more willing to stay in a cheap motel and eat at nice restaurants . . . than to stay at a more luxurious place, and either eat fast food or make their own meals where they're staying.


It's interesting that people aren't willing to give up "free" attractions.  Maybe that means people are willing to scale back and pass on going to Disneyland . . . but they still want to go to California to hit up the beaches. Or simply that they're not willing to stay at home, just to avoid using the gas to do something "free."



(PR Newswire)

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