Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics 5/6 - 5/8

Friday I had an event at Dave and Buster's. Andrew tagged along and after I got done working we played tons of games!

This was one of my favorites, although I wasn't very good at it, haha.

Saturday I had another event at Canterbury Park. I helped host their "Best Dressed", "Best Dressed Couple", and "Best Hat" contest. It was SUPER windy but I tried to get a picture with the woman who won the "Best Hat" contest. Her hat was 3 times the size of her, haha.

They hosted a new Derby fashion show at their Expo Center and it was super cool. The fashion, the music, the videos, I had never been to a fancy runway fashion show like that before and had a great time.

After I was done working I stuck around to watch the Kentucky Derby. Tina was out there with a group for her friend Tom's birthday so I hung out with them and enjoyed a Mint Julep. Also that was the craziest race I've ever seen. The horse that won had 80-1 odds. If you want to see a cool overhead video of the horse jumping from about 12th place to 1st in the last 20 seconds click here.

Sunday we went to Andrew's parents to celebrate Mother's Day with his mom and siblings. When I was in Wisconsin last week I did brunch with my mom and called her today to wish her Happy Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day also to all you wonderful moms out there! I hope your children gave you all the love you deserve :)

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