Seven Things You're Wasting Money On

Times are tight for a lot of people, and every cent counts. So here are a few things you might be wasting money on each month . . .


1. Subscriptions you don't use. Like magazines or streaming services you won't watch. A study last year found 70% of us waste more than $50 a month on stuff like that.


2. Sale items you don't need. The next time you're tempted, wait a day. The initial excitement will wear off, and you'll thank yourself.


3. ATM fees. They can add up, especially if you take out small amounts all the time. Another option is cash back at grocery stores. Most of them don't charge a fee.


4. Food waste. Up to 40% of food in the U.S. never gets eaten. Overbuying and trusting those "best by" dates too much both play a role.


5. Extended warranties. They're usually not worth it. You're better off putting the money in emergency savings for unexpected expenses.


6. Overpaying for insurance. If you've been with the same company a while, shop around. They've probably raised rates, but new customers usually get discounts.


7. Credit card interest. Fees and interest cost the average American household about $1,000 a month. So do what you can to avoid using them. A consolidation loan with a lower interest rate could also help. 




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