Seven Packing Tips from Flight Attendants

A lot of people are taking their first vacation in three years this summer. Are your packing skills still on point? Someone asked flight attendants for their top packing tips. Here's what they said . . .


1. Make a list. You're less likely to forget something if you do. And it saves time.


2. Don't fold your clothes, roll them. It's a space-saver, and lets you pack things tightly without leaving creases.


3. Look for the most versatile things in your closet. You can't pack everything, so choose stuff that can be dressy, or not. Or things that work in a variety of situations. Simple stuff is usually good, like jeans and plain t-shirts.


4. Leave extra space. Especially if you plan to shop. But even if you don't, you might see something that catches your eye. So don't pack your bag to hit the airline's 40-pound limit exactly. Shoot for 39 pounds or less.


5. Wear your heaviest items if possible. If you're going somewhere cold, wear your coat onto the plane. Or if it's warmer, wear those heavy shoes, and pack your flip-flops.


6. Don't forget a water bottle. It'll save you money, and it's better for the environment.


7. Go easy on the "just in case" items. That's usually why people over-pack. So try to only bring stuff you know you'll use. 


(NY Post)

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