Here Are the Ten Worst Things You Can Do While Flirting

Did you try to flirt with someone this weekend but struck out? Maybe something on this list explains it . . .


A new study identified 69 different traits we find off-putting when someone flirts with us. Then 700 people ranked them according to how bad they think they are. Here are the ten worst things you can do when you're trying to flirt with someone . . .


1. Having a "slimy approach." So, things like sleazy pick-up lines, or just coming across like a scumbag. 


2. Bad hygiene.


3. A "lack of exclusive interest." Like if you're hitting on them AND their friends.


4. Different views. So don't open with anything controversial, like politics.


5. Swearing too much.


6. A lack of intelligence. So if you say something dumb, your chances plummet.


7. Being too narcissistic or self-absorbed.


8. A lack of humor and self-esteem. It's not clear why they combined those two.


9. Excessive intimacy. So pouring it on too thick, or getting handsy.


10. Not being attractive enough. But that includes how you dress and present yourself, not just natural good looks. 



(Daily Mail / ScienceDirect)

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