Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/22 - 4/24

I ran to the grocery store Friday night to grab ingredients for dinner and saw this ice cream. I have never seen a Neopolitan ice cream that wasn't chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I love variety, so I was tempted to get it but decided to go with just one flavor, cookie dough. Next time!

I made us shrimp tacos for dinner!

Saturday I did a long day of biking and hitting up breweries. We call it "Bikes & Brews"! I biked from St Louis Park to Inbound downtown to meet up with everyone and it felt great getting in a solid bike ride finally!

We had a pretty solid crew that came this time. I think everyone was itching to get outside and do something even though there was some rain.

Sunday was pretty lazy. I got out for a walk with Mik but other than that, we got lots of cuddles on the couch in and I started watching the newer Gossip Girl on HBO.

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