Check Out These "4/20" Deals

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If you're celebrating 4/20, here are some exciting deals for you!

Wingstop has a new "Blazed & Glazed" flavor . . . and TGI Fridays ALSO went with the name "Blazed & Glazed" for their new chicken finger sliders meal.

Fatburger is selling its Original Fatburger for $4.20 . . . and Del Taco is selling five Chicken Cheddar Rollers for the same price.

Jack in the Box has a new "Pineapple Express" milkshake through the end of April, and you can get it at a slight discount of $4.20 today. It's usually about $5.  (Seth Rogen is pissed and wants people to know it has nothing to do with the movie.)

But this one's grabbing the most headlines:  Jimmy John's is running a promo called "How HIGH Are You?" And the discount you get depends on your ELEVATION.

If you go to, it'll tell you whether you're "Not So High," "Kinda High," or the "Highest." And based on your elevation, you can get up to 20% off.

They're also handing out free sandwiches to people in Leadville, Colorado, because it's the highest city in America at 10,151 feet. 

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