The Top Ten Things We Want in a Date Doesn't Include Good Looks?

This survey was done in England, so maybe they're just a LOT less superficial than us . . .


2,000 single people were asked to name the top things they're looking for when it comes to dating. And "good looks" did NOT make the top ten . . .


1. Honesty.


2. They can make you laugh.


3. Kindness.


4. A great sense of humor. So, you make THEM laugh.


5. Good communication.


6. Great manners.


7. A nice family.


8. They love to travel.


9. They have a good job.


10. They dream big.


"Incredibly good looking" just missed the top ten at #11, followed by "doesn't have any kids" . . . "a great physique" . . . "doesn't WANT kids" . . . and they're rich. 



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