Jenny's Easter Weekend in Five Pics!

I helped my friend, Muna, get engaged this weekend! Her boyfriend (now fiance) asked if I could invite her to an "event" Friday night and then bring her to a condo that he rented in the North Loop. So I got her to come with me to this "event", had Andrew drop us off and then her boyfriend met us at the door and I sent her on her way and Andrew came back to pick me up. This is a picture of the happy couple, Muna and Jeremy, and in this moment she turned around and screamed "I'm engaged!" haha.

Saturday they had an engagement party at the condo Jeremy rented!

When I asked for a pic with Muna I couldn't do just a normal one, haha.

Sunday we went to Andrew's parents for Easter. I was SO excited for Easter food!

When we got into the car to drive to his parents, Andrew realized he forgot to change out of his slippers into shoes. So here's a pic of him in slippers at Easter, lol.

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