Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/8 - 4/10

Friday we went out to dinner for Falen's birthday!

When it was time to order dessert, Andrew ordered cheesecake and told the server it was for both of us even though I said I was full. I called him out for it and he laughed but then he proceeded to eat the whole cheesecake and on the last bite he used the extra spoon that was for me so it looked like I ate some. He then told Falen that it was "the perfect crime" so that I looked like I did eat dessert. It sounds silly but it was hilarious when he said "the perfect crime".

Saturday was Andrew's niece's 2nd birthday.

Saturday night we had some friends over for a dinner. Andrew crushed it on the grill with steaks, brats, and broccolini!

And Sunday we took Mik for a walk around Lake of the Isles. I used to go to the chain of lakes all the time when I was living in Uptown so instead of just another walk around the neighborhood we decided to switch it up.

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