A Woman Who Wrote "How to Murder Your Husband" Is on Trial for . . .

If you were going to a new doctor, and that doctor had written a book 10 years ago called "How to Fool Everyone Into Thinking You're a Doctor", you'd want to know about it . . . right?


Yesterday, a 71-year-old woman in Oregon named Nancy Brophy went on trial for allegedly murdering her husband four years ago. And in 2011, she wrote an essay called "How to Murder Your Husband"


She also wrote a romance novel called "The Wrong Husband". But the judge ruled that those facts CAN'T be entered into evidence, so the jury won't know.


We first heard about Nancy's arrest in 2018, but at the time there weren't many details, other than that her husband had been shot and killed at work, and there weren't any witnesses.


Nancy wasn't a successful writer. And IF she did it, she wasn't a successful murderer either, because a lot of things are pointing to her, like a life insurance policy . . . an order for a "ghost gun" that you assemble yourself . . . an order for a replacement gun barrel . . . and surveillance footage placing her nearby.


The defense claims the gun stuff was her "researching" material for a book and everything else is circumstantial. 



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