Drake's Weekend in Five Pictures (3/25 - 3/27)

My weekend was interesting to say the least. Started off with driving around in the snow to get things for my apartment. Ya boi wanted to get some spring cleaning done.

I was feeling a little down last week for a few different reasons, so I took to Instagram for people to cheer me up and these were my favorite responses (peep the 2nd to the top on the left side at your own risk)

I found out people drink 'Pickle Lemonade' this weekend and I'm actually super intrigued. Like you can't tell me that DOESN'T look delicious and refreshing.

Sooooo this is where my weekend took a turn, I got these tacos from a place I wanted to try in St Louis Park, They look STUNNING don't they? Wellllll it turns out something in them wasn't either cooked or maybe expired? idk, regardless, it gave it what I believe to be Food Poisoning because the entire rest of my Saturday and even into Sunday I was in the bathroom either vomiting or going number 2, Not exactly how I wanted to spend a good portion of my weekend but whateves.

Ended Sunday with doing a Sunday show on KDWB!

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