A Study Found the Ten Most Common Dreams We Google

Have you ever had a dream that was so weird, you immediately googled it the next morning? A new study looked at the most common types of dreams we do that with.


The most-searched dream BY FAR in the U.S. is "teeth falling out." Americans google it four times more than any other dream. Dreams like that are sometimes linked to big life changes, self-esteem issues, or embarrassment.


The ten dreams we google the most in the U.S. are: Teeth falling out . . . snakes . . . dreams about your ex . . . spiders . . . vacations . . . being chased . . . weddings . . . flies . . . SEX . . . and dreams that involve bears. Here are a few more fun stats . . .


1. The most-searched dream worldwide is "snakes." It's first in 52 different countries. "Teeth falling out" is next with 17. Dreams about snakes are supposed to represent hidden fears or worries. Or . . . you just hate snakes.


2. Pregnancy dreams are third, which are supposed to signal growth or development. Then marriage dreams, which signify commitment or transition . . . and dreams about an ex, which could be a sign someone's making you feel the same way your ex did.


3. Now here are a few weird ones: Dreams about lice are common in Central America . . . people in Fiji dream about peacocks . . . spiders are #1 in Argentina . . . squirrels are #1 in Namibia . . . and Albanians want to know what dreams about BOOBS mean. 


(Mornings.co.uk / NeoMam)

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