A Guy Moved into His Cubicle to Protest His Low Pay

Imagine the look on your boss's face if YOU tried this: A 28-year-old guy in Seattle named Simon Jackson was working at a design and engineering firm, and wasn't making enough to cover rent.


So he protested his low pay . . . by moving into his CUBICLE. 


His lease was ending, so his rent was going up. And he hadn't found a new apartment yet. Plus, he hated his job. So he figured he'd just go for it and see what happened.


He posted a TikTok video called "Check out my new apartment" that shows him moving all his clothes and belongings into the cubicle while no one's there. He ended up putting a sleeping bag under his desk.


He says there was plenty of space in the office, because so many people are still working from home. And he planned to stay there for as long as he could get away with it . . . which turned out to be four days.


Someone from H.R. eventually caught wind. They told him to clear everything out and delete the videos he posted online, or they'd fire him. So he quit instead.


It might work out though, because his side-hustle is designing and selling rompers for adults. And he got a lot of potential customers out of this. His first video has over 1.4 million views. Last we checked, he was up to 135,000 TikTok followers. 



(NY Post)

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