What's Something You Secretly Hate About Your Significant Other?

What's something you secretly HATE about your significant other, but you'd never tell them? Someone asked people on Reddit. Here are a few of the more interesting answers we saw . . .


1. A guy's wife thinks she's got a great singing voice, but doesn't. So she sings really loud and confidently around the house.


2. A woman hates her husband's family, but has to pretend to like them so he won't get upset.  


3. Snoring. But they can't control it, so you just have to deal.


4. How indecisive they are. So even just planning one date is exhausting.


5. They're a bad kisser. The woman who complained about that one says she hoped her husband would get better at it. But it's been years, so she gave up.


6. They can't take criticism. But you can't tell someone that, because it feels like you're criticizing them. So there's a feedback loop.


7. They're dumb. One woman said her husband's a really sweet guy, and she's loves him. But he can't have an intelligent conversation. 




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