A Woman Had a Shot Glass Lodged in Her Bladder for 4 Years

I don't care how embarrassed you are. How do you not IMMEDIATELY see a doctor for something like this? It's not like it'll just resolve on its own . . .


A 45-year-old woman from Tunisia recently showed up at the E.R., and doctors thought she had a urinary tract infection. But it was actually something much more serious.


When they scanned her abdomen, they realized she had a SHOT GLASS lodged inside her BLADDER . . . and it had been there for FOUR YEARS. 


There's a photo of the thing after they removed it, and the glass didn't break. The whole thing was intact, expect for one little chip out of the rim.


So how did it get there? She eventually admitted she'd used it in the BEDROOM. We won't get into how she managed to get it way up inside her bladder . . . but it obviously took some effort.


The glass was encased by a three-inch-wide bladder stone that had formed around it.


 Surgeons were able to remove the stone and the shot glass, and she was out of the hospital in two days. 



(NY Post)

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