There's an Equation to Predict If Your Relationship Is Doomed?

There's an EQUATION that will supposedly predict if your relationship is doomed. 


Scientists in Italy used a "complex machine learning process" to determine that this equation is the MOST important predictor of break-ups: "The life satisfaction of both partners . . . plus the female partner's percentage of housework."


To figure this out, they used Artificial Intelligence to crunch data from more than 2,000 married or cohabitating couples . . . over an average of 12 YEARS. During that time, 45% of the couples broke up. Specifically, 914 of the 2,038 couples.


Life satisfaction and housework were the top two factors, but to get an even more accurate prediction, the four other major defining elements were: "General marital status . . . the woman's working hours . . . the woman's level of openness . . . and the male's 'extraversion' levels." That's how energetic, sociable, and friendly they are.


Interestingly, "personality traits" among the relationship partners didn't appear to have a significant impact on breakup risk. 


(Study Finds / Duke)

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