19 Tips That Could Help Save Your Life

Here are some important tips that could help save your's or someone else's life!

1. "When boiling a pot of water, turn the handle inwards towards the center of the stove/counter."

"That way somebody (especially a kid) won’t come by and knock it over or grab it and pull it over on themselves."

"Oil too. I’ve seen someone get burned because he was frying something and he knocked the handle that was pointing out."

2. "When you're making a turn across oncoming traffic, keep your wheels pointing straight ahead until the opportunity comes for you to make the turn. If your wheels are facing into the turn and someone hits you from behind, they will push you into the oncoming traffic."

3. "In these cold times, don’t drive wearing anything you couldn’t walk a half mile in."

"In the winter I like to keep a tote in my trunk of extra winter gear like hats, mitts, scarves, etc.. This way I can bundle up if I'm stuck somewhere, or I have extras to share."

4. "Sharp knives are usually safer to use."

"The only thing a dull knife will cut is you."

5. "If you find yourself hurt in a public place, direct your pleas to one person, not to the crowd."

"Otherwise, everyone will think, 'Oh, somebody else will help them.'"

6. "Check and clean out the lint collector in your dryer regularly."

"Clean the lint trap after every cycle. But also, clean out the full dryer duct at least once a year. Tons of it gets past the trap and gets stuck in the ducts, building up like plaque in an artery. You can buy cheap brush kits from Amazon that connect to your electric drill."

7. "DO NOT pull objects (knife, glass, splinter, etc.) from a deep wound. They might be sealing or slowing flow from an artery or they might cut an artery when you pull them out."

"Put pressure around such an object to slow bleeding till emergency responders take over."

8. "If your child goes missing in your home, first check any spots that would be dangerous for them to be, then check their common hiding spots."

"For example, near water heaters and sump pumps, etc."

"Check all cars. Children occasionally climb into cars, then can't get out because of child locks in the backseat. Young kids especially don't think to try every door. That is a portion of hot car deaths every year.

9. "When crossing the street at night, turn on your phone's flashlight and point it toward oncoming traffic."

10. "If you're going to be in cold weather, dress in layers to hold heat in better. Stay dry and be sure to protect your feet, hands, and face.

11. "Head injuries can take hours to manifest. Go see a doctor even if you think it's minor. If you wait, it may already be too late once you start showing symptoms."

12. "If someone is in trouble in the water, bring something with you — a float, a rope, a towel, etc. — and use that to bridge the gap between you so you can tow the person in. In their panic, they can pull you down, too."

"Recognize that even if you are both a strong swimmer and a trained rescuer, you are still risking your own life if you go to the aid of a swimmer in trouble."

13. "In the US and some other countries, you can notify your Department of State that you are going overseas for free. This means in event of a natural disaster/political issue/etc., they will know you need evacuation."

"They also update you on the state of the country as time goes by, so you don't accidentally collide with some trouble. A lot of accidents happen just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so if you're traveling, it might be worth looking into."

14. "Don't move someone injured unless there is an imminent danger to them."

15. "If you're in a crowd and get stuck in a stampede, try your best to stay standing. If you do fall, assume a protective position with your feet tucked up and your hands covering your head."

"Try to position your face in the direction the crowd is moving so you don’t get kicked and try to get back on your feet ASAP. As soon as you get knocked down, your chances of survival decrease significantly.

16. "Buy a glass breaker with a seatbelt knife and keep it in your car. It’s a couple bucks and it may save your (or someone else’s) life."

"If you ever need to break your car window, most headrests detach and the metal ends can be used to break the glass. This is especially helpful if you are ever in a sinking car."

17. "If you think you're being followed turn right four times. Since you'll get to the same place they shouldn't be following you anymore. If they do, you might be in trouble."

"Alternatively, turn on your turn signal in one direction. Then turn the other way. If a car behind you does the same, odds are good that they're following you."

18. "If you’re being tied up, make yourself as big as possible so it’ll be easier to wiggle out. Flex your muscles and inhale deep to make more space."

19. "If you're performing CPR on someone who's stopped breathing/heart has stopped, don't stop until EMTs take the body away."

"Don't stop after two minutes, thinking, 'Well that didn't work.' CPR typically won't cause the victim's heart to suddenly start and or for them to jerk awake — it's mostly to force blood circulation to prevent brain death. You're not forcing life into them; you're preserving a corpse to keep a 'revive-able' state."

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