The Worst "Wheel of Fortune" Segment Ever?  

Okay, people have made fools of themselves on "Wheel of Fortune" before. But last night, all three contestants put on a display for the ages. The category was "Phrase", and the answer was "Another Feather in Your Cap". 


With almost all the letters filled in, it still took the three contestants a combined NINE TURNS to solve it. One woman made three wrong guesses, saying the last word as "Hat", "Lap", and "Map".

Another guy asked for two wrong letters, a "G" and a "D", then went bankrupt.


And the third guy hit "Bankrupt" and "Lose a Turn" . . . but was finally able to solve it with his third chance.


(Check out the video here. None of these contestants seemed particularly old, yet two of them had clearly never heard the expression "Another Feather in Your Cap.")


(With the third guy, we'll never know, because he didn't get past the spin on his first two turns, then solved it on his third. As expressions go, it's not THAT outdated, is it?)


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