Drake's Short Vacation Weekend in Five Pics

Took a small little trip back to my hometown in Green Bay to visit some family and friends!

Started off with a delicious dinner at a supper club, I came to realize that Wisconsin is legit the only place that has supper clubs????

Head over to my sister & brother in laws to hang out for drinks and games!

Ended up going home that night and hanging with my cat! His name is Cinco and he stays with my parents.

We ended up going to the Casino on Saturday where we actually took home some money!

Ended up going out Saturday night to downtown Oshkosh and oh my goodness.. Ya boi got pretty lit. I went through my camera roll from that night and these were the only PG photos from that night. I will say, I ended up throwing up in a gas station parking lot on the way home in an Uber...

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