Are These the 10 Most Beautiful States in America?

Here's a list that's sure to cause backlash: just ranked all 50 states according to how BEAUTIFUL they are. Their writing staff has collectively been to all 50 states at least once. So they debated and came up with a list . . .


In LAST place is . . . Kansas. Flat states didn't do well in general. They basically said Kansas is flat and boring to drive through. So that's why.


The rest of the bottom five states are: Indiana . . . Illinois . . . Iowa . . . and Oklahoma. They say those five have the LEAST to offer in the way of scenery.


So what about the MOST beautiful states? They gave the top spot to . . . CALIFORNIA. Their argument is it's massive, and has everything from beaches and redwoods, to Yosemite and the Mojave Desert.


Hawaii is second. They say that it's "pound-for-pound" the most beautiful state in America, but just doesn't have as much stuff as California does. And Alaska is third.


Every state in their top ten is west of the Mississippi, except one. MICHIGAN snuck in at #8. They say it's the most beautiful state east of the Mississippi River.


According to Thrillist, the ten most beautiful states in America are: California . . . Hawaii . . . Alaska . . . Utah . . . Colorado . . . Washington . . . Oregon . . . Michigan . . . Arizona . . . and Wyoming. 




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