6 Careers That Have Gone from Respected . . . to Disrespected

We've all heard the stories of people misbehaving on planes . . . which means flight attendants have gone from a having a respected, almost luxurious job . . . to feeling like BABYSITTERS, babysitting adults.


So someone asked the internet what other jobs have gone from esteemed to practically being a "complete joke" . . . and the responses include:


1. Critics . . . for things like entertainment and food. They'd have their opinions regarded highly in print . . . but now with the internet, they're basically just tossed in amongst everyone else.


2. Travel Agents. Another job that has been greatly marginalized by the internet.


3. Chef. They used to have a lot of creative freedom, but now they just answer to managers, wait staff, and other people with no culinary experience. The hours are usually long, and the pay isn't great.


4. Philosopher. One person said, "Now, if someone tells you they are a philosopher, people assume they don't have a job and do a lot of drugs."


5. Models. Now that everyone has a camera and a social media account . . . and brands can reach out to accounts with big followings . . . almost anyone can call themselves a model. 


(There are more at Buzzfeed.com)

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