Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 1/25 - 1/27

I started my weekend off Facetiming my sister, niece, and nephew. My niece was singing a nice little song in this pic to my nephew and rubbing his back, it was adorable.

Saturday night Two Friends was at the Fillmore. I LOVE them. They put together these 60 minute mixes called the "Big Bootie Mix" and I listen to them all the time during my workouts. Since it was an EDM show I took some inspiration from Euphoria and did my make-up like Maddy!

I headed to a pre-party in the North Loop. We played this game called Mushroom. You guess red or black, if you're wrong you have to drink, if you're right you can give the card to someone else. Whoever has the card has to play it on top with both edges hanging out. It builds a "mushroom" and eventually it will fall and whoever causes that to happen has to finish their drink.

The concert was SO good!

Sunday I chilled most of the day. We gave Mikki a bath and this time I put peanut butter on the tub for her to eat cause she acts like we're torturing her every time we give her a bath. She was a little more relaxed with the peanut butter occupying her.

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