A Study Found Good-Looking People Have Better Immune Systems

Good-looking people already make more money and fall backward into random hook-ups. Now here's one more advantage they've got on the rest of us . . .


A new study found attractive people have better IMMUNE systems.


Researchers in Texas took pictures of 150 college students from the neck up. The students weren't allowed to smile, and the women couldn't wear make-up. Then they tested their blood to see how strong their immune systems were.


Meanwhile, 500 other people had to rate how attractive each person was. And it turned out the hottest ones had the strongest immune systems.


We've learned during the pandemic that being overweight can lower your immunity. But photographing them from the neck up mostly eliminated that aspect, and none of the people in the study were obese.


So why did the good-looking people have better immunity?


They think it's because we're just biologically pre-programmed to find healthy features like clear skin and full lips attractive.


In other words, one reason we find certain people hot is because we can subconsciously tell they're healthy, and would be a good mate. 


(NY Post)



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