Fun Facts and Stats from Super Bowl 56

Super Bowl Fun Facts!


1. Check this out: The L.A. Rams lost the coin toss before the game, and then WON. That's notable because the loser of the opening coin toss has now won the last EIGHT Super Bowls.


2. The L.A. win also means that Rams coach Sean McVay is the youngest coach to ever win a Super Bowl. He's 36 years and 20 days old.


3.  Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor is the second-youngest coach in the NFL at 38. This is the first time the two youngest coaches in the league have faced off in the Super Bowl.

And their combined age, 74, is the youngest matchup in any postseason game . . . dating back to the 1936 NFL Championship, when Ray Flaherty and Curly Lambeau were a combined 71 years old.  (In case you didn't remember.) 


4. This was the first time two quarterbacks with LOSING regular season records met in the Super Bowl. Rams QB Matthew Stafford is 86-95-1 in his career, and Joe Burrow of the Bengals is 12-13-1.

In fact, Stafford set a new record for having the most regular season losses by a starting quarterback before winning his first Super Bowl.


5. Speaking of Stafford and Burrow, this is just the second time in Super Bowl history that two former #1 overall draft picks faced off in the big game. The only other time it happened was six years ago, when the Super Bowl featured Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. Peyton won that one.


6. The Rams were up 13-to-10 at halftime. They're now 48-1 when leading at the half under Coach McVay. That includes the regular season and playoffs. That's an incredible win-rate.

 The only loss came in Week 18 of this season against the San Francisco 49ers.


7. The Bengals' first touchdown involved some trickery. Running back Joe Mixon threw the touchdown pass to Tee Higgins. It's just the fifth time in Super Bowl history that a non-quarterback threw a touchdown. And it's the first time that Mixon has ever thrown a pass in his five-year career.


8. The Rams averaged 1.9 yards per rush tonight. They're only the fifth team to average fewer than 2 yards per rush in the Super Bowl. And they're the only team to still end up winning.


9. The Rams are only the third team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl where they were minus-2 or worse in the turnover department.

The Rams threw two interceptions. The Bengals didn't turn the ball over.


10. No team had ever won a Super Bowl in their home stadium . . . until LAST year, when Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it. With L.A.'s win, it's now happened twice in a row.

 For what it's worth, next year's Super Bowl will be held in Arizona . . . so will the Arizona Cardinals win next year?


BONUS: The wife of Rams receiver Van Jefferson went into labor DURING the Super Bowl. She was at the game, and had to leave on a stretcher. Van rushed to the hospital after the game. So, he got a Super Bowl ring AND a baby boy.  (Here's a photo.)


Also, Rams safety Taylor Rapp proposed to his girlfriend after the game. She turned him down. KIDDING! She said YES, of course. So, he got TWO rings. (Here's video.

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