New Health Hack: Lose Weight by Sleeping More

I'll try any health hack that says I can lose weight with little-to-no effort. And with this one, you don't even have to be conscious: A new study at the University of Chicago found you might be able to lose weight by just SLEEPING more. Researchers tracked how many hours people slept a night, and compared it to what they ate. And when people got a full eight hours, they consumed 270 fewer calories a day. For some people, it was 500 calories less.

Young woman comfortably sleeping at night in a bed at home. Sleep time

Photo: Getty Images

It wasn't just because they stayed in bed and reduced their "eating hours." It also had to do with two key hormones that control how hungry we are. We tend to feel hungrier and eat worse when we're sleep-deprived, and feel less hungry when we're well-rested.

270 calories is a LOT by the way, if you make it a habit. They say cutting that many calories could help you lose 26 POUNDS in three years, or about nine pounds a year.

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