A Poll Found the Keys of a Happy Marriage

A new poll found the happiest married couples kiss at least twice a day . . . say "I love you" around 10 times a week . . . get-it-on FIVE TIMES a week . . . and have two major ARGUMENTS a month. 


People were asked to name the top signs of a happy marriage. See if you agree with the top ten . . .


1. Spending lots of quality time together.


2. Taking care of each other when you're sick.


3. Feeling like you can be yourself with them.


4. Encouraging them to pursue their own hobbies and interests.


5. You let them see you at your best, and worst.


6. Cuddling.


7. Being respectful to them in front of other people.


8. Making regular plans together.


9. Being proud of their achievements.


10. Being silly with each other. A few more that made the top 20 were: Sharing a sense of humor . . . trying new things together . . . splitting chores and responsibilities evenly . . . and remembering important occasions, like Valentine's Day. 




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