Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 1/28 - 1/30

Friday I had a very chill night in. Falen convinced me to watch Encanto so that was the highlight of my night!

Saturday was a VERY busy day getting ready for the cocktail party I was hosting. If you're wondering what a cocktail party is, I got the idea off of TikTok, but basically everyone makes a fun cocktail and presents it and at the end you rank how it tasted and how it was presented. We of course needed something in our stomachs to be ready for a night of drinking so I put together a charcuterie board and everyone brought snacks (I took this pic before everyone had got there with their food and there ended up being a lot of food!

When my girlfriends all arrived the cocktail making began! The only requirement was that we all made vodka drinks to stick with one liquor the whole night. This was the first one my friends Tara, Muna, and Ani made and they crushed it with the dry ice!

Everyone was paired up because we knew we wouldn't be able to handle that much alcohol. My friend Jeanne and I made a "New York Sour" (with vodka instead of bourbon) but called it the "Twin Cities Sour" with edible flowers as the garnish. And because I'm extra, I last minute decided we should do two drinks. It was supposed to be a drink called "Shark Attack" but I went to 5 different stores and couldn't find the shark gummies I needed so I ended up improvising with Swedish Fish and grabbed some umbrellas and we named it "Life's a Beach".

This is our cocktail party group (minus one that had to leave early). Overall it was a fabulous night and a very fun way to get the girls together! I definitely paid for it today though. I became one with the couch and have barely moved. Hope you had a great weekend!

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