3 Ways You're Wasting Time at Work Each Day . . . and What to Do Instead

It's Friday! And a lot of us are already mentally checked out for the weekend. So this might be a good day to see if you're guilty of any of these three common work time-wasters . . .


1. Responding to emails right away. Instead of responding to emails and Slack messages as soon as they come in, try scheduling three 30-minute time blocks to check messages during your work day. If you're constantly checking and responding to messages, it's a lot of interruptions to the actual work you need to get done.


2. Getting distracted by other tasks. This is especially true now that so many of us work from home. It's too easy to become distracted by any number of things that need to get done, like chores around the house or online shopping.


Here's how to combat it: Make a to-do list in the morning and choose the top three things you need to accomplish at work before you move on to the smaller stuff.


3. Scrolling through social media. A recent survey asked remote employees what their biggest distraction is while working from home . . . and 56% said their phone.


Turning off your notifications or putting your phone in a different room can help minimize the temptation to check your apps. Or set aside a few time blocks throughout the day where you don't check your phone at all.




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