Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 1/21 - 1/23

I started my weekend off with a workout with my awesome trainer Demi!

Saturday my girlfriend Tiffany came over to see my house for the first time and then we headed off to the Lake Harriet Kite Festival. There was a lot more to do this year than the last time we went but it was pretty cold so we only stayed about 20 minutes before seeking some warmth.

Afterwards we went to one of my favorite little floral shops, Brown and Greene, and I got this centerpiece for our dining room!

Saturday night, Andrew and I met up with some friends to watch the Packers game. It was a tough one to watch for this Packers fan to the point that I almost cried at the bar. I know that's a silly statement but I'm scared this is the last year we'll have Rodgers so I was really hoping we were going to make it to the Super Bowl.

And Sunday, my friend Bert was in town so we got a crew together to go snowboarding at Afton. It was a cold one but luckily wasn't too busy so we weren't freezing waiting in lift lines!

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