Drake's Lit Weekend in Five Pictures

This weekend was pretty fun (and serious) it began with me having to call 911 for a possible domestic violence, we talked about it on the show today so just go back and listen if you missed it this morning! After all that went down, I needed to clear my head and ended up going out downtown!

Ended up wanting to check out one of the places that people recommended me to check out which was The Saloon! I linked up with some of my friends there.

And lucky me, a Drag Show was actually happening so that was a plus! It was my FIRST Drag Show ever!

I was pretty intoxicated at this point, but I know a bathroom selfie is always appreciated haha

Ended the weekend with a new podcast episode with my friend, Colt. Ended up calling my dad and asking something EXTREMELY embarrassing. (If you wanna check it out, look up 'Furthest From Famous' on everything!

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