Random Facts for Tuesday

Here are some random facts for you . . .

1. The now-extinct Passenger Pigeon was, in all probability, once the most abundant bird on the planet.

2. Only three of the 15 highest-grossing '80s movies haven't had a remake, sequel or prequel: "E.T.","Tootsie", and"Rain Man".

3. The average person passes gas 10 times every 24 hours . . . and produces a full liter of flatulence.

4. There's a significant LSD shortage in the U.S., and there has been for more than a decade. It's because it's virtually impossible to get one of the ingredients required to make it . . . a chemical compound called ergot alkaloid.

5. There's a town in Alaska called Whittier with a population of about 270 people . . . all of whom live in one 14-story building that used to be an Army barracks.


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