Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 1/7 - 1/9

We're only a couple weeks into January and I'm already making questionable decisions...

Friday 1/7 -

Friday night was the annual Best of the Best performance at the University of Minnesota! It's a great event where high school teams are invited to perform alongside college teams who are debuting their nationals routines! Since I stopped coaching dance at the beginning of 2020 and then we went through a very different looking season the following year, this was one of the first chances I've had to see performances again in person!!

Saturday 1/8 -

Saturday was a doozy. We started the day with BINGO at the Moose in NE. They had a very large bloody mary and my friend, Emily, was very surprised hahaha.

After we left BINGO we went to Elsie's to bowl, but there were wayyyyy too many bowlers, so we just drank instead. Then I had to go to a birthday party at a winery, then I went back to the bar. Tyna came out and we all know how that goes... When Tyna thrives, Tina suffers, which leads me to Sunday.

Sunday 1/9 -

I vaguely remember on Saturday night when people suggested we actually attend Sunday's Vikings game instead of watching from a bar. Apparently I also thought it was a great idea... Sunday morning, however, I regretted that decision VERY MUCH. I did manage to drag my hungover body out of bed and into action and managed to have an excellent time at the game!

I hope you made better choices than Tyna this weekend!

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