New Trend: Humblebragging About Your "Pretty Privilege"

We talked about this this morning and am at a crossroad when it comes to what we think about it.

Are the people doing this REALLY that concerned? Or is it just an excuse to talk about how amazing they are? Influencers on TikTok have been discussing "pretty privilege" meaning all the stuff that lands in your lap just because you're attractive. Everyone seems to agree it's a thing, so there's no real debate about that.

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A lot of them are just using it as an excuse to HUMBLEBRAG about all the stuff their pretty privilege gets them. Like free concert tickets, free Uber rides, and LOTS of free drinks. A few have also pointed out the downsides to being really attractive. Like people not taking you seriously, or assuming you're dumb. But a lot of people are having a hard time watching attractive people complain about their looks.

Do you think this is a serious thing to talk about? Or just giving Influencers a chance to brag?

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