Jenny's Christmas Vacation Pictures!

I started off my holiday break with diving into some house projects. Andrew and I plan on painting almost all the rooms in the house and so far we have one done and lots of trim painted. Hoping to tackle one a week for the next month. This is the dinning room before painting it. I'll post before and afters whenever I get the rooms fully decorated!

Our Christmas decorations are all down already and it makes me a little sad. I love having the Christmas tree up and got up early Christmas Eve morning to just sit and enjoy some coffee with the tree lit up.

We headed back to my hometown in Wisconsin on Christmas Eve to celebrate with my family.

I made a few different appetizers. Some cranberry brie bites, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and the powdered sugar donuts are sort of a joke but I bring them every year now. A few years ago my sister asked me to bring a yogurt salad for Christmas dinner but I waited too long to get the ingredients so all the stores were closed except Target and the Target in my hometown doesn't really have a grocery section so I brought powdered sugar donuts, yogurt, and granola as my contribution.

Was nice celebrating Christmas like normal this year!

We took my dad out to a supper club for a Christmas present and if you know about supper clubs in Wisconsin, then you know it was some good food!

When we got back to Minnesota we hit up Afton one day.

I got together with some girlfriends to have dinner and drinks in the North Loop one night. We stayed out almost until bar close (2am), and it's been a while since I've done that so I slept in super late the next morning.

And unfortunately on New Year's Eve I started to not feel the greatest, so we stayed in, Andrew made a really nice dinner and went to bed shortly after midnight.

This may be the longest break I've ever been away from the morning show and I'm excited to be back with everyone! Also, I am a woman of routine so although I'm sure I'll regret this when my alarm goes off, I'm ready to start getting up early again and laughing my way through the morning. Hope you were able to enjoy some time off over the holidays!

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