The Top Things Kids Want to Be When They Grow Up Are...

America needs more plumbers and electricians. But in ten years, we might all be sitting on broken toilets in the dark while complaining about it on our YouTube channels . . .

An annual survey looked at the top "dream jobs" for teenagers. And YOUTUBER is #1.

It's ranked first for a few years now. And four of the top five jobs are all things that fall into the category of "the arts," or "famous people" gigs.

11% of kids between 13 and 17 hope to be a YouTuber or professional streamer when they grow up. #2 is doctor or nurse with 8% of the vote. 

That's the only one in the top five that most people would consider realistic, or valuable to society. And the WOMEN might save us, because "doctor or nurse" is actually the #1 choice for teenage girls.

The top five overall are YouTuber . . . doctor or nurse . . . professional athlete . . . musician . . . and actor or actress. Artist is 6th.

The rest of the top ten includes some "normal" jobs: Entrepreneur is 7th . . . lawyer is 8th . . . professional GAMER is 9th . . . and veterinarian is 10th.

A few more normal jobs just missed the top ten: Scientist, cop, teacher, and member of the military all tied for 11th with 2% of the vote. "Influencer" also got 2%. 


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