Eight Simple Pleasures Rich People Don't Get to Experience

Someone asked people to name simple, everyday pleasures in life that super-rich people don't get to experience. Here are some of the best answers we've seen . . .

1. The excitement that comes with finding a $10 bill in an old coat.

2. Not having to worry someone's just dating you for your money.

3. The thrill of finding a favorite product on sale.

4. The intense family bonds that come with not having money. That "you and me against the world" vibe.

5. The good aspects of public transportation. Like reading on the subway, or having a weird-but-interesting conversation on the bus.

6. That great feeling when you fill up your gas tank and don't have to worry for a while.

7. The pride that comes with making a big purchase. Like when you finally saved up to get a car.

8. Having to get creative in the kitchen and use what you've got. Then you're oddly proud when it actually tastes pretty good.


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