Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/3 - 12/ 5

My sister, Rachael, was up here for work Tues-Fri and brought my niece and nephew. They left early Friday morning and I was exhausted from watching the kids so I laid super low Friday night. I got up early Saturday, ran to the gym and then ran a ton of errands! This is NOT what I'm wearing for Jingle Ball, however it is my backup outfit if something goes wrong with what I'm planning on wearing.

I sold some couches on Facebook Marketplace Saturday and when they were moved out I found all these toys that my niece left behind. She's going to be pretty sad about Elmo whenever she realizes he's missing.

Sunday morning, Andrew and I went and grabbed coffee from Cafe Ceres.

Sunday afternoon I tried to teach myself how to do eye makeup. Tina always does my makeup for big events but I'm not positive I'll have time this year to have her do my Jingle Ball makeup so I practiced doing it myself. It turned out decent but too dark for what I was aiming for. Hopefully I'll just have time for Tina to do it!

Also I bought a new snowboard! Andrew and I are heading to Colorado Tuesday for a snowboarding trip and my current board is the one I got when I was a beginner and I've graduated past that (sort of).

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