A Bride Passed Out and Puked at Her Own Wedding, Then a Kid Pooped on Her

Every bride wants the perfect wedding, but most would settle for it to just not be a total disaster.

A woman who recently got married in Florida is going viral on TikTok after her wedding did NOT go according to plan. She and her now husband were exchanging vows under a gazebo when she PASSED OUT.

She wasn't drunk. She just hadn't eaten all day, it was hot out, and she was dehydrated.

The video of it shows where she almost falls over, but the groom catches her. And it doesn't show this part, but she ended up puking.

So then her sister came over with a fan to help her cool down, and she was holding the bride's nephew, who's just a baby. And while her sister was trying to help, the kid POOPED all over her wedding dress. It escaped the diaper, ran down her sister's arm, and got all over her.

She got it dry cleaned and did the wedding photos later. She says she can't wait to tell the story at her NEPHEW'S wedding someday. 

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