Jenny's Thanksgiving Break in Five (plus a couple) Pics!

I hope you ate all the turkey and mashed potatoes your heart desired and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was unable to go home for it this year because some of my family members had COVID so I Facetimed with them Thursday morning. My niece and nephew had turkey themed outfits, haha.

Andrew's parents host Thanksgiving every year so we headed there and celebrated with all of his fam. Here's my plate of food that Tina pointed out was a lot of beige. I skipped the green beans and cranberries this year otherwise I would have had some color.

Friday I did get out and Black Friday shop. I need a lot of things for the house that I'd been waiting to get once the Black Friday deals came out. I landed some nice new bath towels, a cozy throw blanket, and found a few Christmas presents. The parking lot at Ridgedale was insane, you had to follow someone to their car and wait for them to pull out in order to get a parking spot!

Saturday I tailgated for the Gopher game!

I met these ladies that listen to the show while roaming around the tailgate lot. So fun chatting with you all :)

I saw Tina and her parents for a bit! Then we headed to the North Loop to watch the game. So proud of the Gophers! Wish I could have experienced them winning the axe when I went there!

Saturday night Andrew surprised me with tickets to the Glow Holiday Festival at the state fairgrounds. I went ham on some cheese curds and enjoyed seeing all the lights!

I can't believe it's almost December. We start Christmas Wish this week and next Monday is Jingle Ball already! If you've been putting off getting tickets, don't wait any longer, grab them here!

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