Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/19 - 11/21

Started the weekend off by grabbing lunch with Andrew's best friend and wife. They just had a baby so I finally got to meet him!

Friday night Drake and I had tickets to see Loud Luxury at The Barn. It was a free concert but they gave out double the amount of tickets so we got there super early to make sure we would get in. Sounded like a good idea but someone, AKA me, did not pace herself on the pre-show drinks and I ended up leaving before Loud Luxury even performed because I was drunk and super tired from being up since 4:30am.

Look at Drake living his best life!

Saturday was a day of recovery. So Sunday I was up early running errands and getting stuff done. We went to Angel Food Bakery in St Louis Park and there finally wasn't a long line to get donuts so that was a plus. Every other time we've tried to go the line has been out the door and we didn't feel like waiting.

I did go out with some friends to watch the Packers/Vikings game but I left at the half to get home to do work. When I got home Andrew started decorating our Christmas tree while I stressed over the game. Congrats to the Vikes on that win. Was a wild game.

Excited for a short week and some Thanksgiving grub!

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