A Drunk Driver Blamed Their Bad Driving on an Egg Roll

Here's the latest bad excuse from a drunk driver . . .

A 45-year-old woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named Maria Jurgilewicz got pulled over around 2:00 A.M. on Sunday after a cop saw her drifting between lanes.

She had alcohol on her breath, couldn't follow simple instructions, and was slurring her speech. But she claimed she hadn't been drinking, and blamed it all on an egg roll.

She said she was eating an egg roll in the car, and that's what made her swerve.

The police report doesn't mention any food containers or other signs that she'd actually been eating in the car. But they did find a bunch of drugs.

They found several types of pills, including opiates, and also a straw with a white residue on it.

She's facing charges for drunk driving, possession of drugs without a prescription, and possession of a controlled substance. 

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