New Dating Trends Include "Communidating," "Hesidating," and "Baecations"

The dating site Plenty of Fish just put out a fun list of new dating trends they expect to see in 2022, and they came up with names for all of them. They polled 7,000 single people, and say these are all dating trends that are already happening . . .

1. Communidating: Using dating apps not just for dating and intimate relationships, but also to make friends and connections.

2. Déjà vu-ing: Doing the same things with a new partner that you did with your ex.

3. Handticipation: Being unsure about the physical boundaries that are acceptable, like whether to hug, shake hands, or fist bump your date.

4. Hesidating: Being unsure if you want to date seriously or casually, because life is so weird and uncertain right now.

5. Resigning: Ending a serious relationship due to perspective and clarity gained through the pandemic.

6. Darwining: Refusing to date someone who doesn't believe in science. A third of single people say they know someone who's done it.

7. Baecations: Taking someone you just started dating on vacation, because YOLO. 

(Plenty of Fish)

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