The 18 "Most Regretted" Purchases Made During the Pandemic

Remember when everyone was hoarding mountains of toilet paper in April of 2020? Well, for some people that was just the start of a LONG STRING of dumb pandemic purchases.

In a recent poll, one in 10 people say they regret purchases they made during the pandemic.

The #1 thing they regret buying is gaming equipment, which isn't surprising considering people had a LOT of time in quarantine. 

Here are the Top 18 things we regret buying:

1. Gaming equipment

2. Tools or carpentry equipment

3. Clothes or shoes

4. Home gym equipment

5. Musical instruments

6. Pizza oven

7. Hot tub or Jacuzzi

8. Equipment for a sports hobby, such as fishing or golf

9. Scooter

10. Garden furniture

11. Jewelry

12. Kitchen appliances, like an air-fryer or bread maker. (The bread maker might be in the panic-buy / wishful thinking categories . . . but you're probably going to use that air-fryer.)

13. Voice-activated assistant

14. Smartphone / tablet

15. TV

16. Hobby equipment, like arts and crafts materials

17. Computer equipment

18. Bicycle

(BBC/Daily Mail)

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