3 Tricks to Make It Better to Surf the Web on Your iPhone

When you're looking at websites on your phone, it's not QUITE the same as looking at them on a computer. The screen is smaller and more crowded and it can be harder to do . . . well . . . everything.

Unless you know somebody who knows somebody who knows some tricks to make everything better. Like me. Or Tim Cook. Here are three MAJOR tricks to make the whole web surfing process a whole lot better on Safari on your iPhone.

1. Use long presses. Always try pressing on buttons instead of tapping to discover great shortcuts. Like, a long press on a link on a web site brings up a preview. A long press on the plus sign to open a tab brings up a list of tabs you recently closed.

2. Get browser extensions. You're used to using extensions on your browser on your computer. Well, about a month ago, Apple finally allowed browser extensions on Safari. There aren't a ton available yet, but there are some good ones.

There are extensions like 1Password to make it easy to enter passwords . . .Honey and SimplyCodes to get coupons when you check out . . . a TON of different ad blockers . . . Noir to force sites into dark mode . . . and Grammarly to improve your writing.

3. Set up your phone to automatically close tabs. If you go to Settings on your iPhone and pick Safari, there's a section called "Close tabs." The default is "Manually" . . . but you can pick one day, one week, or one month.

(PC Mag)

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