One in Six Americans Basically Never Leave Their Home State

Coming from someone who LOVES to travel, I find this insane!

International travel reopens for the U.S. today, so people from other countries can come visit again. But a new poll found that as far as AMERICANS traveling to other countries goes, a lot of us have never done it.

14% of American adults . . . or 1 in 7 people . . . have never set foot in another country, including Canada and Mexico. 1 in 6 say they basically never leave their home state. Or if they do, it's not very often. ( covered the poll and said 1 in 6 have NEVER left their state, but that's not how the study phrased it.)

Most Americans who do travel are excited to get back to it as things keeping opening up. 65% overall said that before the pandemic, they were traveling at least once a year. That includes domestic and international travel.

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