Gamers Have Spent One Full Day a Week Playing Games Since the Pandemic Hit

Remember when staring out a window and daydreaming was a thing? Yeah, that's officially a relic of the past. A new study found children's screen time DOUBLED during the pandemic, and still hasn't gone down.

On average, kids now spend almost eight hours a day staring at phones, TVs, and iPads. The study didn't even include computer time spent on remote learning. Obviously video games are a big part of the trend. A separate study just found people who identify as "gamers" have pretty much been glued to their consoles for the past 18 months.

The average gamer has spent 24 hours and 40 minutes a WEEK playing video games since covid hit. So, more than one full day a week. If you assume the average person gets seven hours of sleep, that means they've spent around 20% of their waking hours gaming.

The most popular games we've played during the pandemic include: "Grand Theft Auto". . ."Call of Duty: Warzone". . ."Mario Kart". . ."Fortnite". . ."Red Dead Redemption 2". . ."Animal Crossing: New Horizons". . . and"Among Us".

Gaming is much more of a social activity now though. 

31% of gamers say it's helped them stay in touch with friends over the last 18 months.

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