Jenny's Halloween Weekend in Five Pics!

Happy Halloween! I had a pretty busy weekend filled with Halloween activities. I did lots of housework Friday then was in bed by 10pm so let's jump to Saturday. We started the day off by going to the Room and Board outlet for the millionth time. We found a sectional for the basement so it was a win because the basement has been empty since we moved in. Then at night we ran off to my friend Tiffany's Halloween party! She was Cruella and our friend Tony was Beetlejuice.

Andrew and I went as a bruised up Jack and Jill (from the nursery rhyme). You can see more photos here!

Sunday was pretty busy too. Andrew planned something for us without telling me. It was Halloween Goat Yoga! It's hosted by The Hayloft at True North Ranch in Hastings. We had such a blast! If you want to see more pictures I have them on my Insta! (Not an ad)

All the goats were dressed up in costumes and this was our favorite, a banana split, haha!

After that we went to Andrew's friends house where they host an apple wine, cider, juice-making party! One of the guys built this machine in the picture. It smashes the apples and then you take the apple mush and juice that and then the juice is bottled up and turned into wine, cider, and juice. Probably one of the most unique parties I've been to in a while. We helped with some of the apple smashing and got to take home a gallon of delicious fresh apple juice!

Currently waiting for trick or treaters to start showing up. No idea what's it's going to be like in my neighborhood since we just moved in but I'm hoping we'll get some good costumes! Hope you had a good Halloween weekend!

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